The Spliethoff Group is one of the largest shipping companies in the Netherlands. With over a century of maritime expertise behind it, the Amsterdam-headquartered Group has a broad portfolio of specialised services in sectors including dry cargo, breakbulk & project cargo (Spliethoff TM) project & heavy lifts (BigLift Shipping TM), container & Ro-Ro cargo and door-to-door services (Transfennica & Transfennica Logistics TM), shortsea (Wijnne Barends TM), yacht transport (Sevenstar Yacht Transport and DYT Yacht Transport ®) and tonnage provider (Bore TM).

With a rich maritime heritage, Spliethoff Group provides quality services of the highest industry standards. A dedicated team of professionals is committed to making sure all cargoes are handled safely and efficiently. Drawing on Spliethoff’s in-house engineering and logistic capacities, the companies within the Group work closely together to arrive at integrated and cost-effective solutions for clients.

The Spliethoff Group operates a large and modern fleet of more than 100 vessels ranging in size from 2,100 to 23,000 tonnes. Versatility and flexibility are at the heart of the Group’s customer service and this is reflected in the fleet, which includes multipurpose, geared tween deckers, heavy lift vessels, shortsea vessels, Ro-Ro vessels and semi-submersible vessels. The company is used to operate in challenging areas, almost all the vessels have Swedish/Finnish Ice Class 1A and some even 1A Super.

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Established in 1921, Spliethoff is the dry cargo and multipurpose specialist, which has built a reputation for its high quality standards and for being a reliable, loyal partner over the decades. The company has witnessed and played a part in many pioneering developments in the industry. This vast experience enables it to offer customers creative solutions to suit their
requirements, which ensures that their cargo arrives swiftly and safely at its destination.
Spliethoff operates a fleet of about 50 modern, ice-classed, multipurpose vessels, ranging from 12,000 to 23,000 tonnes. All vessels are equipped with tween decks and cargo cranes. Additionally, the S-type vessels are equipped with sideloaders, enabling rapid and weather independent cargo operations of products such as paper and palletised cargoes.

The highly trained and motivated personnel in Spliethoff global network, on board the ships and in ports all over the world are committed to maintaining quality standards. Spliethoff aims to be at the forefront of technological developments, which means that it is continually renewing the fleet to make sure it fits the requirements of today and those of the future.

Spliethoff - Head Office
Radarweg 36, 1042 AA Amsterdam
P: +31 20 448 8400



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Sevenstar Yacht Transport

Sevenstar Yacht Transport is the world’s leading provider of yacht transportation services. Serving a global network of destinations, ranging from the familiar to the exotic, Sevenstar Yacht Transport has a wealth of knowledge and many employees have been in the yacht transportation business for more than 20 years. They have experience but above all, they have passion for their work, wanting to ensure each and every yacht is looked after during its transit.

Sevenstar Yacht Transport is known for its specialism in lift-on, lift-off yacht transport. Its dedicated partner DYT Yacht Transport operates two semi-submersible vessels, enabling the company to offer dedicated float-on, float-off yacht transport as well; whatever suits the customer.

Sevenstar offers specialized divisions: Liner Services makes use of the nearly 500 liner services, most of which provide weekly departures on high-capacity, ocean-going ships that transit regular routes on fixed schedules from virtually every port worldwide. Division Sevenstar Racing Yacht Logistics specifically caters to the logistics needs of racing teams and their equipment. 

Sevenstar EMT specialises in Exceptional Marine Transport. It has a bespoke professional engineering department to provide individual shipping solutions for exceptional craft such as tugs, dredgers, barges, pontoons and even marina docks.


Sevenstar Yacht Transport - Head Office
Radarweg 36, 1042 AA Amsterdam
P: +31 20 448 8400



Biglift Shipping

BigLift Shipping is one of the world’s leading heavy lift shipping companies, specialised in the worldwide ocean transportation of heavy lift and project cargoes.

BigLift strives for operational excellence and reliability, adhering to the highest Safety, Health, Environment and Quality standards and operating to strict time schedules. Heavy lift transportation is a demanding business. Know-how and experience are vitally important. BigLift Shipping has an excellent Engineering & Operations Department with experts who tackle any challenge, providing innovative and flexible solutions for customers.

Given its 45 plus years in the heavy lift sector, the company has many long-standing clients, which regularly place their trust in BigLift. A modern fleet of 4 heavy transport vessels and 20 heavy lift vessels, including the Spliethoff P8-Type and P14-Type heavy lift vessels and the Chung Yang CY-Type heavy transport vessels, can be utilized for this purpose. 
All the heavy lift vessels are equipped with their own gear with lifting capacities up to 2,200 mt and some have a ro-ro capability for loads up to 2,500 mt. The heavy transport vessels can load ro-ro cargoes up to about 16,000 mt a piece.



BigLift shipping - Head Office
Radarweg 36, 1042 AA Amsterdam
P: +31 20 448 8400



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Wijnne Barends

Wijnne Barends is the Group’s shortsea specialist and founded in 1855, it is one of the oldest shipping companies in the Netherlands. Based in Delfzijl, Wijnne Barends is a dynamic and flexible company that offers shipping, logistic services and ship management, including crewing to customers.

Wijnne Barends Logistics operates four terminal locations within the Groningen Seaports and offers stevedoring, warehousing, forwarding and agency services. The company operates a fleet of shortsea vessels including affiliated captain-owned vessels. Wijnne Barends mostly serves Scandinavia, the Baltic States, Western Europe, the White and Black Seas and the Mediterranean.

The company has in-house expertise for a broad range of commodities including sawn timber, peat moss, steel products, fertilisers, grains, wood pulp, biomass products and (recycled) woodchips. The high cubic vessels are well equipped for project cargo and the sea-river vessels regularly operate to Duisburg, Paris, Lake Vänern and many tidal ports along the French and British coast.

Wijnne Barends - Head Office
Handelskade Oost 5, 9934 AR Delfzijl
P.O. Box, 123, 9930 AC Delfzijl
P: +31 596 637 777




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Transfennica is a leading, client and environmentally focused shipping company, providing fast and reliable transport with a fleet of highly advanced, ice-strengthened multipurpose Ro-Ro vessels.
Established in 1976, the company offers short lead times with fixed schedules between continental Europe, Estonia, Finland and Russia. Transfennica’s versatile fleet can practically carry any general cargo such as Sto-Ro, containers, trailers, cassettes, mobile and project cargoes, as well as IMDG-classified goods and temperature-controlled units. The extensive fleet includes in excess of 6,000 roll-trailer units, cassettes and 20’, 40’ and 45’ high-cube, pallet-wide containers. 
Short lead times are coupled with fast cargo handling, flexibility and high safety standards, as well as an extensive information technology backup. The skilled and dedicated employees work in partnership with customers and suppliers to achieve the high service levels expected in this market. 

Transfennica Logistics is one of Spliethoff Group’s fastest growing companies, offering door-to-door container and trailer services suitable for dry and temperature-controlled cargo. The company provides efficient solutions, which reduce costs by maximising the use of intermodal and contract logistics. Although customers are supported by the entire Spliethoff Group network, Transfennica Logistics also has its own offices and warehouses to optimise service levels.

Transfennica - Head Office
Radarweg 36, 1042 AA Amsterdam
P: +31 20 448 8400


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Bore is a modern, international shipping company with long traditions dating back to 1897, offering safe and efficient transport solutions for industrial customers. Bore manages and operates RoRo vessels – RoFlex, RoRo and Car Carrier – on time charter to its customers. All vessels are highly maintained and have either ice class 1A or 1A Super.

Bore promotes high safety awareness with focus on sustainable shipping with proven competence and customer satisfaction in vessel performance.
The fleet can offer flexible cargo handling and is manned with a motivated and competent crew to ensure an excellent partnership with our customers.Bore emphasizes the importance of an eco-friendly approach in innovative transport solutions with fuel efficiency and conscientious shipping.

With the future in mind, Bore is constantly progressing towards a new generation in sustainable shipping. As an innovative and trustworthy partner for your shipping requirements, Bore offers sustainable and economical transport solutions.


Bore - Head Office
Uudenmaankatu 16 A, 00120 HELSINKI
P: +358 9 1326 300





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